Rhode Island College Freshman Immersed Near Family

Michelle McPherson is originally from Massachusetts. However, as she was looking for colleges, the one that accepted her into her desired track of nursing was in Rhode Island. Because of that, all of us got to meet Michelle from day one of her arrival on campus. She has been attending Bible Talks, devos and services for this entire year.

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Campus Swap 2017 Students Share and Care Despite Blizzard and Cold

On the week of March 13-18, a total of eight different disciples took all or part of their spring break time to come to Providence and share the gospel with others. Primarily, disciples from Southern Connecticut and UConn (Storrs) arrived on Monday to bond and blitz for a memorable week.

On Tuesday, March 14, a blizzard warning stopped the planned events for the first time in the history of campus swap in Rhode Island. But starting back up again on Wednesday, the crew reached out and roamed around the state despite low temperatures and high winds.

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Newport Hosts “Better Together” Marriage Retreat

On the weekend of February 24-26, beautiful weather enveloped Newport, RI, as hundreds of marriage couples converged at the Marriott for a few days of fun, fellowship, lessons and wedded bliss.

The Ocean State church married couples were able to partner with many others from Boston, Springfield and Worcester, Massachusetts. Ed and Nancy Dawson from Chicago were the special, invited guest speakers. Their relate-ability and realness served as great examples for how we should be for God and with one another.

Check out Leo’s feed and/or his photos. Also, join with us as we strive to lay down our lives for one another. God created marriage because He knows that we can be “better together.”

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Bible Talks Create a Stir

Over 30 years ago, I walked into a Bible Talk led by Wyndham Shaw in Charlotte, North Carolina . . . and my life has never been the same.

For the past two years, small group Bible Talks have been taking place on the campuses of Brown University and Rhode Island College. What began with zero undergraduate college students in our church has now grown to 13 by the grace of God and the power of His word. This includes disciples from four campuses now, with hopes of expanding that soon. Presently many more young men and women are studying the Bible and being called to be disciples of Jesus.

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Jasper Jafferian Says “Jesus is Lord!”

In the fall of 2015, our congregation began with no college undergraduate students and zero teenagers as disciples. God has been moving in tremendous ways from then until now, and on Sunday, February 19, Jasper Jafferian was immersed as our third teen disciple. There are certainly many more to come.

Our Sunday service of President’s weekend began with singing and the usual announcements. However, this time of welcome and announcements was shared by our older teenagers who just recently returned from the New England winter retreat in New Hampshire.

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Kevin Ortiz Immersed in a New Place to Become a New Man

In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi invented and marketed the first self-contained, fully integrated whirlpool bath by incorporating jets into the sides of the tub (now known as jacuzzis).

On February 14, 2017, Kevin Ortiz was baptized in a jacuzzi at David Sam’s apartment in Providence. It was a fantastic Valentine’s Day present to God and a historic moment for hot tubs worldwide. No matter how mankind has functioned using hot tubs previously, jacuzzi’s have now officially been used for God’s purposes eternally in Providence and by his providence.

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“Super Sunday” Starts With A Dramatic Presentation and Baptism

Sunday, February 5, was a day New Englanders enjoyed! Yes, the Patriots made a miracle comeback to win Super Bowl LI. However, the day started off pretty special too as the Ocean State Church of Christ hosted an amazing neighbor day.

At 10:30 AM, disciples and their friends flooded into the large auditorium of Clarke Hall on the Rhode Island College campus. Over 100 came in and witnessed a very special service. First, our congregations’ band joined in for a powerful beginning with songs like “Open the Eyes of My Heart”, “10,000 Reasons” and “How Great is Our God”. Brown disciples Brennan Sciascia and Tolu Sogade welcomed the crowd and made some important announcements.

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Magnolia Joseph Marries Matthew Holmes

On Saturday, January 21, a Providence church alumnus – Magnolia Joseph – came back to New England to get married. On a beautiful afternoon in Framingham, MA, she was wed to her boyfriend of two years from Louisiana, Matthew Holmes. In a brief and beautiful ceremony, the couple pledge their lives to God and each other. Magnolia was surrounded by several bridesmaids, including Jiayin Sperry. In fact, Jiayin’s dad, Joe, made the cake!

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Prayer Night Gets Practical Through Stations and Family Feud

Once a month, our congregation gets together on a Friday night for midweek service. This allows for us to relax, learn, fellowship and enjoy the night with a Saturday morning to follow.

On Friday, January 13, our crew met at Mi Vida in Pawtucket for an evening devoted to prayer. After some rousing singing (one song led by Vincent Pitts, with his arm only being slightly twisted), an opening prayer and announcements – the devotional began with prayer, Family Feud style.

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